A belief that does not require any logical proof or material evidence. It’s concept can be very simple or deeply profound, It is incredibly important yet it is ignored by many. Whether you are aware of it or not, faith permeates each day of your life. While most people seem to be very vocal about what happens in politics, most do very little to make any positive changes. Have we become a nation of people that has put our own selfish needs in front of the good of America? Before kingdoms can change  men must change.  Java, J2SE J2ME, J2EE, Java script, C/C++, XML Perl, HTML, XML, CSS, JSP, PHP, SQL, Basic, ESQL, COBOL, Assembly ... it’s amazing I still have my sanity. This link covers my experience as a software developer and a systems test engineer.    Yardley.org Hello and welcome to my website. The links below are items related to my interests, career, and hobbies. The links include Christianity & Faith, Politics & Government, Software Development & Engineering, Guitars & Musicians, and Saltwater Aquariums. Please feel free to take a look around. Maybe you will find something of interest. Copyright © 1999 - 2010 Yardley.org, Inc. Hosted by ChristArt iROCK ... better than U. Music for some people is playing their favorite CD. I prefer to play one of my guitars. My electric guitar of choice is the Fender Stratocaster and when it comes to acoustic guitars I play Taylor guitars.    If you like marine fish, corals, plants & aquariums then check out this link. I’ve posted pictures taken from my 90 gallon saltwater tank. Everything is beautiful and alive. Here you will find info on fish, corals, live rock, invertebrates, and more ...  Programmer by day …    Musician by Night. Programmer, Musician Yardley.org main image Faith, Christianity, Jesus Politics, Government, Freedom Software, Java, Computers Musicians, Fender Guitars, Taylor Guitars Aquariums, Saltwater Fish, Coral Made with Xara FAITH POLITICS SOFTWARE GUITARS AQUARIUMS ABOUT